↓ Transcript
ENCYCLOPEDIA JONES and CHRIS SURNAME are seated in comfortable chairs in a room with blue walls. EJ's chair is reclined, to the point that EJ could reasonably be described as lying on it.
EJ: Lying is dumb.
CS: Hm?
EJ: I don't get why people do it.
EJ: As president of Earth, I declare all lies to now be illegal!
CS is imperfectly coloured, the blue background is fading away.
CS: I think you just outlawed fiction.
The blue background is fading further, and EJ and CS are reduced to red-and-blue sketches. EJ's dialogue balloon is an unfinished, scribbled white line with a black border, with a similarly-styled point hanging out from under it.
EJ: Fuc
EJ and CS are gone, leaving only the blue sketches of their two chairs, and the almost-vanished blue wall.
Further panels are empty, except for badly aligned sketches and scribbles.