May 10That’s Kind Of A Crummy Ending
May 18I Can Live With That
May 29Different Than Usual
Jun 8If You Consider The French Spinoff Canonical
Jun 22Apollo Jackson #197
Jun 27Eve’s A Little…
Jun 29Apollo Jackson #186
Jul 4Bathtub
Jul 6Syd in Space! Science-Fiction
Jul 11Pop
Jul 13Larry, Who Is A Bird
Jul 18It’s About Time
Jul 20And Then I Shot The President
Jul 25Foop
Aug 1Breaking News!
Aug 5Goddamnit, Stephen
Aug 8Boom
Aug 15A Problem, Isn’t It
Aug 15Dark Island #2
Aug 22Smell Us
Aug 24I’m Sorry, Sir
Aug 29Says Who
Aug 31Class of ’17
Sep 5I Genuinely Have A Plan
Sep 7A++
Sep 8Ouch
Sep 24What Birds Think About
Oct 1Standing
Oct 31Halloween
Nov 5Webcomics about webcomics
Nov 7beep boop boop boop beep
Nov 9Some people get very nervous about showing others their creative endeavours.
Nov 12Oof
Nov 14The Lord of Darkness
Nov 16Item 78
Nov 19Sparkles
Nov 21Haircults
Nov 23Tueston: The Movie
Nov 26Crackmas
Nov 28Great News
Nov 30It’s in stereo
Dec 1BONUS UPDATE: Christmas
Dec 3So screwed
Dec 7Frozen
Dec 10That’s What The Last One Said
Dec 12Weird Foreign Swear Words
Dec 14Bright
Dec 17Miss Smith
Dec 19It’s Me
Dec 21Who? Huh?
Dec 24The Death of Birds
Dec 26~
Dec 28Or at least considered it.
Dec 31Unsettling Tone


Jan 1Eye of Newt!
Jan 2The War
Jan 4Tea
Jan 7Hunter Took It
Jan 9The Boomerang
Jan 11Leg Leg & Momer
Jan 14Feng Shui
Jan 16Constant Danger
Jan 18bzzt
Jan 21Kill You For This
Jan 22To Let Me Tell The Story
Jan 23Y’know, Eve.
Jan 25Duck!
Jan 28Descript
Jan 29Sit Down
Jan 30A Plan
Feb 1Three Of Them
Feb 4Hourly Comics (1/3)
Feb 5Deal
Feb 6Hourly Comics (2/3)
Feb 8Hourly Comics (3/3)
Feb 11Complaint
Feb 12Goddamnit
Feb 13You Monster
Feb 15It’s Dark
Feb 18To Italicly Go
Feb 19Whatever.
Feb 20Uh. Oh.
Feb 22Fecal Debates
Mar 11This Forever
Mar 13Negotiable
Mar 15Political Terror
Mar 18Really Quite Dark
Mar 20Unplug
Mar 22Would Buy Any of This
Mar 25Better
Mar 27Oddly Timed
Mar 29My Cue
Apr 1When Everything Was Brown
Apr 3Take Into Account
Apr 5Hng.
Apr 8Yes, That Word
Apr 10Dude!
Apr 12The Fact That I Am One
Apr 15A Dream All Along
Apr 17Lost In The Future
Apr 19Tough
Apr 22Hiya!
Apr 24What Buttons To Push
Apr 26An Invitation
Apr 29Generally Already Fried
May 1Ahuizotl
May 3Ahuizotl (2)
May 6Yo, Carol
May 8Typical.
May 10Nothing On TV
May 13Awake
May 15“Eh”, you said.
May 17Perfectly Content
May 20The Department
May 22Confidential
May 24Only Breakfast
May 27Want A Sandwich
May 29Buddy
May 31If You Want Me To
Jun 3Not Wanting To Look
Jun 5Watching Me Eat
Jun 7Great Sandwich
Jun 10No Such Thing
Jun 12Guess
Jun 14Not As Funny
Jun 17My Feet
Jun 19Full Circle
Jun 21This Time
Jun 24Bathroom Intermission (1/10)
Jun 25Bathroom Intermission (2/10)
Jun 26Bathroom Intermission (3/10)
Jun 27Bathroom Intermission (4/10)
Jun 28Bathroom Intermission (5/10)
Jul 1Bathroom Intermission (6/10)
Jul 2Bathroom Intermission (7/10)
Jul 3Bathroom Intermission (8/10)
Jul 4Bathroom Intermission (9/10)
Jul 5Bathroom Intermission (10/10)
Jul 8Damnit.
Jul 10ugh
Jul 12Notes from the Empire
Jul 15Obvious
Jul 17Own It
Jul 19Lies!
Jul 22Nevermore
Jul 24Tell Nobody
Jul 26Larry, Who Is A Bird ~NIGHTS~
Jul 29A Beautiful Day
Jul 31War in Pieces
Aug 2War in Pieces – FOOMF
Aug 5From How Many Murdercrimes
Aug 7Your Highness
Aug 9Bill of the Dead – Toy Soldier
Aug 12Millions of Innocents – Value
Aug 14The Dead – Brand New Avenues
Aug 16Beatrice
Aug 19Beatrice – No, Mother
Aug 21Beatrice – Hallucinating
Aug 23On Woodchucks
Aug 26On Music Reviews
Aug 28On Popcorn
Aug 30On Masks
Sep 4Apollo: Be introduced.
Sep 9Apollo: Open the first door.
Sep 9==>
Sep 9==>
Sep 11Costume
Sep 18Balloon
Sep 25how to deal with continuity errors
Oct 6Cancelled
Oct 20rock
Oct 31Halloween.


Oct 25Umbrella